Luke 21, Luke 22

Gen. 39:21-23

Nehemiah 9:16 

But they and our fathers dealt proudly, and hardened their necks, and hearkened not to thy commandments

Spiritual warfare requires wisdom. You need deep knowledge concerning intricate weapons used by the enemy. The devil has uncovered the use of ladders. A ladder is anything that acts as an instrument of linkage between you and enemy. The enemy has no power except the power given to him through the ladder that links you with him.

The devil cannot just come and pounce on you. He has to be sure that a ladder is well positioned before he comes up with his attack. There is a great gap between every mortal and the enemy. But the enemy bridges the gap by constructing a ladder that makes it easy to carry out the agenda of evil attacks. The devil, therefore, operates through ladders. When the devil wants to gain access to a particular life, a ladder is carefully manufactured and placed beside the victim to be vandalised or robbed.

The devil cannot succeed in his wicked mission without making use of a cleverly concealed ladder. When the ladder is in place, attack is carried out with amazing ease. To destabilise the kingdom of darkness you need to locate where the ladder is positioned against your life. You need to set fire on that ladder then the devil will be paralysed and frustrated. Then, there will be no way to carry out his wicked agenda.

One of the tragedies that is common with humanity is that ladders are used at will by the devil. Once the ladders are used and success is achieved, the devil can carry out wanton destruction and wickedness against men, women and children. Therefore, the enemy has thrived through the darkness of ladders. These dark ladders possess a number of characteristic.

An understanding of these characteristic will enable those who are attacked through the use of evil ladders to wriggle out of the attack and become free.

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