BIBLE VERSE: Revelation 22:12

Revelation 22:12  And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.


And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ (Matthew 7:23)


Jack and Jane were very excited when Jack was rewarded with the privilege to take vacation in one of the most beautiful islands away from his country and continent. The one-month vacation would avail the couple the opportunity to see beautiful places around the world. To Jane this was a dream come true, she had hoped for a moment like that in her life.

Just as Jack was rewarded for his hard work and contribution to the productivity of his organisation. God always rewards his faithful children and workers in His vineyard. As a matter of fact, no one rewards like God, who has the correct assessment of individual actions, attitude and performance. He judges the motive for an action and the action itself. The real reward is beyond what any employer can offer his employee. See how God rewards humble, timely and faith-based actions of Phinehas (Num. 25:11,12) and Abraham (Gen. 22:16-19).

The real reward is what God gives to anyone who satisfies God’s condition. “Behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me…”. Jesus is true to His Word. He is coming to render to everyone what they deserve. He would not make the mistake of rendering what belongs to Mr. A to Mr. B. As a righteous judge, he has something to offer for every deed, either good or evil. He is accurate and shows no favour to anyone who does not deserve it, especially, when such finally dies in sin without repentance. He does not pervert justice like the earthly judges who can be induced to set the offender free and put the Innocent behind the bar.

What reward are you likely to get, assuming Jesus decided to come now? Some will be asked to get away because of their works of iniquity and definitely some will be welcome in a grand style. Your deeds determine what reward you get at the end of the day.


1. Oh Lord, help all the employers of labour to have the welfare of their workers at heart.

2. Oh Lord, you are my reward let every eyes see that truly You are the One who rewards me with long life, peace, blessing, health and goodness, etc.

3. Lord, help the believers to stay true to You and don’t allow them to miss Your heavenly reward because of the earthly gain.

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