Music competition has become not only an avenue to discover great musical talents performing at the top their game, but has also become a means of giving them great exposure.
The organizers have as part of their aims: bringing out the best voices within Nigeria; empowering the youth; and promoting the Nigerian entertainment industry.
XQZITE MEDIA has tagged this online competition as MusicContest.Ng(Christmas Edition), the overall winner of this event will be awarded a cash prize of one hundred thousand naira(N100,000). The event also aims to help in its own little way to lift up people’s spirit this Christmas period bearing in mind all the adverse effects of thecovid19 pandemic.
Xqzite is helping to spread the good tidings of the season, the season of love, the season of sharing, the season of light, the season of a new birth, the season of laughter and joy, what a great way to bring that to you through an online music Talent show “Music Contest Christmas Edition”.
The competition started online on the 5th of December 2020, with a large number of contestants registering to contest by sending in a video of them singing and tagging, @musiccontest_ng and @xqziteofficial on Instagram. With an increasing number of interest from audiences and communities who follow the competition not only via attendance on social media(facebook &instagram) but also through online streaming(YouTube), the competition went further to the next stage where twelve contestants were picked as the finalists, and one out of the twelve contestants will be crowned the winner and awarded the cash prize of N100,000 and have the opportunity to be signed under XQZITE LIMITED Management.
The final stage of the competition will be held on the 24th December 2020, were the winner will be announce first on the Instagram page @musiccontest_ng, watch all the videos of the contestants via the social media handles, follow and then like your favorite’s video and make sure you stick around the page to know who will be going home with the cash prize.

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