Psalm Ebube Advocates for a “New Nigeria” with New Single

Award-winning singer, National Statesman For Youth To ICN USA, and World Civility Ambassador Psalm Ebube renders advocacy for a “New Nigeria,” with a new freestyle song.

“The seeds of justice, Civility, and Unity for Nigeria is of divine order and the fruits of the youth sacrificial seeds down cannot be stopped.” Psalm Ebube shares, “This song is a source of hope to the hopeless Nigerian Youth all across the nation.”

“This is the time for us to work out our Change by ourselves. I want all the Nigerian youth to know all that there’s a strong presence of God backing us all in this New Nigeria advocacy. October 1st and October 3rd respectively, I saw a vision about what is happening now. One thing I know for sure is that Nigerian will be better in my lifetime.” the Nigerian songwriter added.

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