The presence of the Lord is filled with blessings. Each hour of fellowship with the Lord is a moment of uncommon blessings. A certain brother called James prayed with aggression for a wife and the Lord called an angel and said, “Angel, take this sister down to him.”

When the angel got to the checkpoint at the second heaven, they asked him where he was going and he answered, “I want to go and give a wife to Brother James.” They said, “Sorry, hold on, let us call his ancestral strongman.” That one came and said, “Angel, you cannot give him this wife because his own spirit wife is here. His grandmother has a covenant with us here, therefore, you cannot take this girl to him.

Apart from that, his grandfather signed a covenant with us here that all the men from his family must marry witches and this one you are taking there is not a witch. So, angel, return the wife.” The angel returned the wife. Another brother prayed asking for promotion. But, as the angel was taking the promotion to him, he was stopped at the second heaven.

They asked him where he was going and he said, “I am going to Brother Johnson Oko. They said, “Sorry, we don’t have that name here. His real name is not Johnson Oko but Fadeyi. Therefore, you cannot take this to him. His mother had him for another man and transferred him to the wrong father. His real father is Fadeyi. So, go back.” And the angel went back.

The case of a sister is equally shocking at the checkpoint of heaven. The sister prayed to God for promotion. She said, “O God, I pay my tithe, but no progress. Why? And the queen of heaven turned up as the angel was taking the promotion to her. She told the angel, “You cannot give her this promotion, because here is a list of 40 men she has slept with and 39 of them are our agents. So, she is not going anywhere.”

Beloved, this is why we must pray. It can be a terrible thing when your battle has been transferred to the checkpoint and you don’t know what to do. You must deal with withholding powers today.

Memory Verse: 1John 2:8 “Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in him and in you: because the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth.”

Motivational Quote: Be a star. Even if you are lumped with the crowd, you can distinguish yourself until it becomes clear that your case is different.

Prophetic Word: You will overtake those who are more talented than you.

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