OBA Drops New Single, “Iba F’alade Ogo”

Singer-songwriter, Music minister, Lifestyle Coach and Author – Bamike Adeyemi popularly known as OBA expresses deep reverence to God Almighty with the release of “Iba F’alade Ogo,” a praise chant and eulogy powerfully delivered in her local ‘Yoruba’ dialect.

Iba F’alade Ogo,” is a Yoruba phrase which means to give reverence to the King of glory. The new song written and performed by OBA, and produced by Philip Uzor.

“Reverence starts in our hearts and manifests in our actions. When we have reverence for GOD it manifests in our actions as obedience and praise to HIM.” shares OBA.

Currently signed to One Hallelujah Records of the RCCG worldwide, The Nigeria-born gospel songstress life’s mission is summed up to “Making a divine statement with an African Signature”.

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