“I Spend Time” – Dunisn Oyekan Reveals Secret to the Fragrance of His Worship

Highly celebrated Nigerian psalmist and prolific songwriter Dunsin Oyekan, who has churned out/penned great songs like “If All I Say is Jesus,” “Open Up,” “Breath” and “Fragrance to Fire”, in a recent video, revealed the secret to his heart-moving sounds of worship.

After a powerful ministration at the House on the Rock Church where he was recently invited, the senior pastor, Paul Adefarasin asked Dunsin Oyekan:  “What is the secret to the fragrance of your worship, to somebody who is coming up and isn’t looking for crowds but wants to touch the heart of God?”

I spend time! I spend enough time, I stay there,” replied the anointed music minister, “I stay there until I hear him

The Lord said to me many years ago, ‘Do not come to me for songs, desire a relationship and I will give you a well” Dunsin Added.

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